Friday, January 29, 2010

Soupruary II: Electric Soupaloo

My lovely amigos have been asking me if I'm going to Soup It Up again this year, and my answers have ranged from cautious possibility to exhausted negativity. After serving 54 unique people 159 bowls of soup (not counting seconds!), I certainly thought Soupruary would be a one-time-only venture. An extremely pleasurable venture, but a taxing one as well.

But here it is--January 29, 2010--and all I can think about is soup.

Let's try this again.

I have the weekend to narrow down a list of about 70 soups I've set aside (apparently my subconscious already knew this was going to happen). Same rules as before: one soup per day, every day, and no recipes I've ever tried before. I'll laugh, I'll cry, I'll get to know the fine Findlay Market purveyors even better, and--hopefully--I'll feed you some soup.

p.s. Why is it so hard not to make the Breakin' II reference every time there's a sequel?
Also acceptable: Soup Hard II: Soup Harder.